Reviews for "What Birthers Believe"

reminds me of south park

but with a little bit of intelligence added to it... lol

No never again

You being disrespectful to people's opinions and obviously this is not an accurate representation.

You should really understand that most people voted Barack Obama just because he's black.

I can easily ask Americans on the street why they voted Barack Obama and 40% will say b.s stuff

tlgmedia responds:

This is one of my new favorite reviews of all time. Thank you.

Praise Satan!

It was funny all the way through, but the ending was perfect.

Good satire.

Funny but Wrong and Offensive

I find it humorous but still ironic that if you want to look into the truth then your stupid. I don't personally believe Obama was born in Kenya but the only evidence that has shown that he was born in Hawaii was a hospital birth certificate, which is not a real birth certificate. My mother had only this when we went to get passports and they wouldn't accept it because it is not a real birth certificate. It's not about if he is a us citizen or not, it's about if he can prove it.... he cannot. It's funny you can be president but not get a passport. However my mother had a copy of her hospital birth certificate that was cut off and they accepted it (wtf?). So it's not that hard to get a passport (especially here in kentucky, im sure Illinois is no harder). Anyway stop being a hater and calling anyone and everyone who disagrees with the president a racist. Still I will say the old saying "innocent until proven guilty". Also I'm sure most people don't care if he is really an American or not, it just pisses us off when you can be THE SUPREME LEADER OF ALL THE LAND without all the qualifications being proven. Also what is with all of this crappy political flashes doing on the front page, if your not going to be fair, stfu. Hell im still questioning McCain's birth certificate, he was born in panama if Im not mistake. By the way is father was a drunk, and his mother was a hippy... by Obama's own accord. SO lets get to the review, animation-good, sound-good, racist humor-high, stupid random bs-high, extreme incorrect info and/or fake info-high. Seems like a good flash to me, just not enough random pop references, but still very good for as short as it is. 8 out of 10. I GUARNTEE I WILL GET NEGATIVE score, but oh well, freedom of speech.

Funny stuff.

But most of it is completely inaccurate as to what birthers actually believe. Still found it incredibly amusing though.