Reviews for "What Birthers Believe"

Just one thing...

First off, much of the majority of voodoo practice is practiced in Haiti, and secondly my dad is a staunch birther, and although I don't agree with him on some areas, I don't realize why Obama doesn't really want to show his birth certificate.

Secondly, when this whole 'birther' concept came to be, it was during the middle of the presidents campaign, but when the charges were filed, the judge delayed the trial until AFTER election day, whereas Obama was then elected to be president.

That is where you have much of the controversy. Calling people who believe this 'stupid' or 'idiotic' is rather an insensitive remark and is quite possibly the easiest to make against birthers. But what really gets me is that people are not concerned with such a matter as this, being how so much was done to cover up and delay the investigations.

You see, I'm not really one to take sides, but I do want a little more information, and being called 'stupid' for it gets me scared of the general publics naive attitude towards their government and ticked that the questioning of our government (or the origins of its leader) is frowned upon by this community.

Although I doubt this is an 'accurate depiction', being I have to live with a uber-right wing dad and uber-left wing grandmother, I tend to recieve both sides of the story. This, however, could have been represented better and I feel that you placed much of your own opinions into this, giving a sarcastic light on the whole subject, like it's something to be laughed at and forgotten.

I hope you understand my viewpoint and in all sense I am welcome to see your sources and facts that can back up your argument. All I'm saying is that although I'm neither for or against the president, I WOULD like to know where he was born, since that greatly affects his eligibility as president, seeing how it was stated in our founding fathers legislature that only a native born citizen could assume the role as president. Just don't call me stupid for trying to get the facts.

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I found it even more hilarious due to the fact that Voodoo is practiced in Haiti, not Africa.

Ah, ya gotta hate the idiots...

Animation itself was pretty simplistic, but the writing made it fantastic. I hope that i never actually meet someone who thinks this is true, because i would either try to push them off a bridge, or my head will explode from my proximity to such stupidity.

thx for the info

I'm going to use this as information in a school report for an example of how people are ridiculous about obama and read much too far into things and then throw them out of proportion. but yea i'm going to cite you in it, hopefully I do it right. rough draft is due tomorrow.