Reviews for "What Birthers Believe"

Was quite funny

Liked it

Political Humour, nice

Its pretty good, I see you keep up with the news, its sad to think that people actually think that. But anywho nice job, not quite FULLY accurate but eh close enough wont you say. I dont particularlly care for the birthers but you know they are just going to complain, even though i find it funny that most brithers are old senial white people who have nothing better to do and lost their meds :3

well done...but

This was visually well executed however the story is not nearly scathing enough. The recent months (he's only been president for 8) have seen a very vocal, lunatic ultra-minority attempting to hijack political discourse in this country and most importantly, has discredited my party by making it look like a rabble of violent, unreasonable, thugs who would relish the violent overthrow of the democratic process just because the majority voted us out.

I digress. The cartoon was well done visually and the voice over was also nice. It woud have been nicer to see three acts...maybe follow Barack Jr's life in the US maybe his dangerous liberal policy opinions....but otherwise good.

To the people...

who complain that this is radical and then continue to talk about how they really just don't like it because it makes fun of what they believe, you need to shut up. It is not someones beliefs about Obama being an American citizen, because there is factual evidence to prove that he is. Beliefs are things that are unverifiable... thinking that Obama is some kind of extremist muslim bent on US destruction is retarded. As a matter of fact, these same people who started the Obama birth certificate thing also said McCain wasn't a citizen. So its not a matter of beliefs or conservatism, its a matter of common sense and excepting the truth or stupidity and retardation. Honestly, a team of doctors and nurses who delivered Obama in Hawai'i could present these "birthers" with the original certificate and they would still not believe it. Why? Because Americans (i am one too) tend to believe in conspiracy crap and everyone wants everything to be some huge plot to destroy all of the rest of us. GROW UP and stop complaining.

TO Codomis

... but everyone WOULD do that Codomis.

It is kind of ridiculous what some of the conservative media outlets are saying.

Lastly, as a ex-christian, I do believe they actually believe in zombie magic, but hey, i guess I wasn't a christian for 14 years of my young life.

Lastly, I have this to say.

If you're attending those stupid tea parties, and are still employed...
for the love of god...