Reviews for "What Birthers Believe"

Are you ...also....frighteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I am not here to bring debate or argument as some racist/redneck/republican idiots did before me. Art needs to be judged out of political opinions, this is a problem that's been carried through millenia. Oh well.

First of all, I am very aware that by claiming "This is what birhters believe" you are not depicting accurate birthers' beliefs. You had to emphasize, hyperbole and other magnifying verbs for some people to find it funny. This is not bad, but this is close to propaganda. Obviously, birhters are wrong and (probably) idiots, but you missed the point by showing a manicheist, simplistic and oh-caricatural picture of the "planners" behind what birthers believe.

You didn't work much on the situation as well. Just a hut where people talk. This is too easy, too cheap. After that, you only relate on enormous "jokes" to feed the movie with humour, but I must admit you failed.The animation itself is not pleasant enough to appeal, the voice acting is the only good point, the voodoo "Hey" made me laugh, twice.

Now I'm gonna wash my armpits.


and suddenly it all makes sense to me now...
Great animations and nice accent.

wasent funny...

not funny and not interesting..
but sound and grafic was good^^


What JoShUaa said. Goddamn, can no one read a description or pick up on sarcasm anymore these days? You'd think that everyone would know what the fuck sarcasm looks like, but then you get people like BIGBobbel. Fuck.


very funny. had been following the birther bullshit for a little while now and it just gets stupider every time one of them(birthers, obviously) opens their mouths.
btw, BIGBobbel, this video was satire, EXTREMELY BLATANT satire...look it up its a good word.