Reviews for "What Birthers Believe"

Praise Satan!

Well, it's been awhile since I've seen something from you, and it's actually been long since I've seen a political cartoon here, at least one regarding Barrack Obama. I thought this was an excellent execution of this ridiculous idea that's been spreading. I used to think "birther" meant someone who had given birth to someone, or you know, simply women.

The most hypocritical thing is that John McCain was actually born in Panama (even if it was an American military base) but I saw few people go crazy after that. You might as well start a conspiracy theory that him running was a secret plan for Panama to crush the United States!

Pretty much

Basically this is what NEEDS to have happened for birthers to be right, not necessarily what they do believe, because you need to lack any sort of understanding of historical events to agree with the leaders of the movement. In any case it was funny, just a bit of a low blow. A lot of the negative comments on this forum seem to be ignoring the point of reviews and just voicing retarded opinions. The art was as expected but not great, not a lot of sound effects or anything and pretty simple, but got the point across. Kudos.

Pretty Funny

That was pretty good. I didnt know everyone on Newgrounds was so sensitive though...


ok,i can deal with people being offended but this just went over board,i mean really
wzs that nessacary............

"africans aren't that smart"

thats f***ed up

The Watermelon was a little extra...

but other than that, great work.