Reviews for "What Birthers Believe"


HAHAHA, we must stop the evil Kenyans from taking over the country and converting everyone to Islam! Lol, quite funny indeed.


watch out that watermelon is a borderline to racism- though it does make me chuckle being black and all . HA!

how very sad the world arezzz

Not sure this is 100%

This a a good portrayal of the silliness of the birther movement, but I don't think it's 100% true and it may be a little exaggerated at parts.

In response to an earlier Reveiw referring to MCcain the birthers have responded by saying that McCain offered his birth certificate to be checked by a committee when he was asked, while Obama didn't do it immediately ,whihc they find suspicious. Either way if you got Obama or McCain you were gonna get screwed in the ass anyway. Both of them would have continued the fascist Bush policies ( and Obama already is).

Any way I don't know how true the birther movement is, but I know that Orly Taits now claims to have the original birth certificate from Kenya and is prepared to use it as evidence in court. And the Kenyan Ambassador has said on radio that obama is not an American citizen.

Either way it doesn't matter. You had between Obama and MCcain a choice of either a douche or a turd. And the alternative candidates weren't so great either.

Funny movie, if a bit frightening

Sorta find it hard to believe anyone would believe that, but that's the world for you. Your animation was nearly non-existent, but the art was good. Nice work, overall!

Praise Satan!

Finally, an accurate portrayal of Kenya's secret agenda!