Reviews for "What Birthers Believe"


I mean yeah that guy was a dick,But the us is mostly a freedom/war based place.
So peace is just isnt for america.
FUCK OBAMA![Not that he is black]
FUCK OBAMA![That he was a muslim]
FUCK OBAMA![Because we shouldnt leave iraq]
I give a 80% chance this will be deleted some dick admin is reading my every post
xD[get a life]


So true, so true. Actually though I had almost as much fun reading the comments as I did watching the movie.

Reminds me of southpark.

This reminds me so much of southpark, in that while making fun one side, it also delibrately makes fun of the other. Making this cartoon centrist rather then liberal or conservative(correct me if I'm wrong). The whole bit of the absurdity of the birther movement was hilarious and the part about Obama turning america into a socialist hell hole was also funny in that it also makes fun of obama and what he is doing to this nation.

fuck liberals
fuck conservatives

vote liberatarian.

great flash. and as others have stated, I love the ska references. skanking ftw

yup, that about covers it

a rare glimpse into the minds of the political fanatic extremists, put into easy-to-understand movie form for the information of the general population =P. plus it is damn funny, too. well done!


Even if all that birther crap is true they still believe he has one parent as a US citizen which would make him one to.