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Reviews for "Warp Shot"

Lol, -13 against par!

A little too short and easy, but very fun! I also would like some tips on where to input the easter egg code. Anybody know?


I'm only on the second level but this is very simply, one of the highest quality flash I've ever played. The music was the biggest selling point for me. No scrimping, no cutting corners and it went perfectly. Manufique!

...God I feel gay for saying that.

easter egg

where do u put the code u get in the easter egg
1:u get the code at the main menu when u get all the balls before starting a game
2:the code is 20043 but were do i put it ??

Another very nice game

jmtb02 is a great programmer :)
Keep making awesome games like these !!!

I scored -9 by the way :)

great game

hey heres a hint on hole 18. after you get the thingy just respawn.