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Reviews for "Warp Shot"


wow this is real fun but level 8 is hard


Haha, i got -16 against par, but I still don't now where to put the code :/


Warp Shot's a fun game, but there's a few problems.

But let me start with the the things I liked. It's fun, first of all. Naturally ALL your games are fun so not much of a surprise there. Also, it's addicting. The graphics are clean and simple. The physics are VERY well done, which is what I really liked. The controls are pretty straightforward and very easy to master, which I think is important and that it's great you were able to do that.

But here's the problems: it's too easy. Honestly, it was just too easy to beat. Normally games like these stump me halfway through the game but this one I had no problem, proving it's too easy. Another thing, the difficulty curve is not constant, which I DON'T like. Some levels really had me stumped, but then the next level would be a walk in the park.

However, it's so addicting and fun you get a 10!

I broke it. ._.

Game was fun, but then it glitched when I tried to restart the level. The ball went into the portal, and suddenly it said that I beat the level in 0 shots. O.o; Then the window wouldn't go away, and I ended up finishing the game while 28, 29, and 30 were missing. o_o

the cake is a lie