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Reviews for "Warp Shot"


No offence,but this game kinda sucks(I'm trying to say it in the nicest way though).

I discovered this game just today...

...and finished with a score of 61/78! -17 against par.
Just saying...

I've felt really smart playing this dude. The music is nice, and I didn't get bored of that (I'm listening that while writing this).

Hmmm... 20043... I must remember that. I wonder why.

nice game sir

Good game i actually like it. Fun and addicting.

Uh glitch!

I have a panel saying "Level 4 Complete!" that will not disappear. It showed up after I restarted level four trying to get par.

I like this game, but I don't love it, and I dislike it, but don't hate it, at the same time as well, if that makes sense. It is essentially a giant mindfuck, and while that can be fun, it does get frustrating. All the same, it's a good game and an easy way to kill some time.

Whats wrong with you all?

It's simple to finish under par (Or at par for levels with 1) without using the walkthrough. You just have to think for a second...