Reviews for "Native American Legends"

despite what many native american tribe members would say, i think this was a good idea. most native americans before euorpean contact didn't have an idea of debt or ownership, but now they do.
I think the voice acting could have been a little more succinct.

Really got me good. Was a little bit too long for my taste. I think could have been even funnier if it ended after he brings us the "moral of the story", but maybe that's just me. Also definitely liked the animation itself, especially how you implemented the real life footage.

The narration was pretty funny, but was lacking in the animation aspect. But hey your making content, keep it up!

Loved it! People shouldn't fucking worry about racism. Those people who do, keep that way of thinking and racism alive.Ignore it and let it die. You should do more I love the mockumentary style.

BillyNapalm responds:

I'm glad you liked it! I'll hopefully have more cartoons coming in the winter, if I get more time. I'm doing a TV show right now and it takes a ton of time out of my day. Thanks for watching!


You owe me $5 bucks... and a mushroom and swiss too for interest.

BillyNapalm responds:

That's a lot of interest!