Reviews for "Osiron"

kinda sucky

pretty boring, almost seems like
not much effort was put into this.
try to expand your mind and get a tad bit more creative


It was alright. I liked the concept of the game but the circles were to hard to select and I had to click on them 3-4 times before I could spin them.. Also, the music could be on a longer loop or you could also add some other music to it as well to fix that part, it does start to run the nerves down a little.

hmm.. not bad.

i kinda liked it. i have no suggestions for you. an alright submission.

good :)

cool game, interesting puzzles :)
the pages after too many times resetting they started to layer on top of each other, and going back to the main menu it was under the game so the options didnt work

Pay this even while reading this review

i give it a 4 from my experience because it was too complicated for me and the controls are stupid. still play the game even with my honest review to make your own review. i just am happy to see a challanging puzzle game for once which is why this is not a zero. 4 for the game out of 4 for just the puzzle complicated enough for itself. i hope to see more from you.