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Reviews for "Knightfall 2"

Very well made

An incredibly well made flash game. A game with magnificent mechanics and addictive gameplay, combining so many elements of strategy into one fun little thing.

The enemies were fantastically spread out and their difficulty very well spaced. I especially enjoyed it whenever I made a spectacular kill on one of those later monsters that had a damage range around so many squares. It just feels so triumphant to take down something like that in one swipe without getting hurt.

One little thing that irked me a little though was the damage effect when I turned the board one way and then turned it back again the other way. For some reason it just felt unfair that I was hit twice in a row without even moving and just by rotating. I'm not sure where to draw the line on when the player receives damage. I would've suggested not dealing any damage at all for rotation of the board, but that would be too easy as well. It just felt really annoying that when I rotated the board one way and got hit, I couldn't rotate the board again or I'd die. The only option was to drill from there. Especially apparent with the scythe monsters. It's just a personal thing I found kinda irritating, not sure what to do with it though.

I think the ability to rotate 180 degrees is a little too much of a hassle to obtain and use. It's actually quite essential to the game but when I look at the powerups that come after it, I'm so tempted to not use any of it. What I would suggest though is making the 180 degrees rotation available right from the get go, but with a limit. Maybe start with like 3 available rotations in the start. Or as a buyable item in the shop. It's a really important move that one cannot do without, but it's kinda hard to actually use it because you're sacrificing the powerups you'll most certainly benefit from much later. I just think those two need to be separated - the ability bar and the 180 degree rotation.

Some of the items in the shop were a tad expensive I think and a little redundant in some cases, but for the most part it's quite well balanced. I do think that the shop needs to be more accessible from anywhere. Since it doesn't really mean anything to move around completed areas, it's kind of a hassle to go back to the shop again and again between battles. Make things easier and just make a shop button. I know it actually doesn't make sense then, but it doesn't need to.

It's a great game, and I'm just nitpicking really.

The single greatest sequel on newgrounds ever.

The plot is fairly simple, but the new gameplay mechanics, as well as the addition of Bosses make something that was already good something even better!


Loved Knightfall 1, even though I managed to be stuck in a corner most of the time, great to see thats changed, only thing I cant get to work on this is the Fullscreen, cant move the mouse when i click it >.<, but its probably something wrong on my side, Great Job! :D

my new favorite game..

and i completely co sign with reddeye5 the review below me, this is about as fun and addicting as i imagined it could ever get! i discovered it this morning and have been playing it off and on throughout the day. i predict i shall keep coming back until i complete it for the first time and them hunt down them achievements! >:)
theres something about collecting NG medals though, i would have loved for them to be involved but meh what can you do...

also something i want to note to even out this review, my carelessness (if thats would you'd call it) had me constantly getting hurt or dying, because i had to rotate to see the block behind the big dragon enemies, and in the bad position i was in i would take a hit just to get back to my original position which sucked...

nevertheless this thing is amazing well done guys.

This is the greatest flash puzzler ever made....

....and there really isn't much more to add to that.