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Reviews for "Knightfall 2"

tis k :)

its a brilliant game but not something i like much lol

Totally original!

It's amazing that nobody can come up with games with a unique twist on gameplay. This is one of the most addicting puzzle games I've played! I've been on for an hour, and I still don't want to play my Xbox 360. I wouldn't be surprised if this ended up on Xbox Arcade! I love how you have sort of a move limit, but enough room for some one block moves. It's easy to understand, and (once I figured out how to kill monsters) has a bit of action. Killing the monsters aren't always important, but I like how you can take a turn doing so. Keep up the good work!

Freaky Fun and Original

Just make items more readily available and upgrades.

You actually have to use your brain with this one!

Has potential to be much much better!

tasty... tenderized...

boiled chicken...

this game is amazing

i love the art work and the fact that it plays smoothly with so much goin on...the only downfall is that i suck at the game but that has nuthin to do with u!!...great job!!