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Reviews for "Knightfall 2"

Bad idea...

So much work has gone into this game, I feel sorry for the person that made it. The world just doesn't need another blocks puzzle game! The game itself is a simple idea, but the features involved to implement the idea are too complex and hard for those interested in this genre.

The game is just a rotation puzzle game, adding to the horde of blocks-type games where you pair and match to win. Boring is as boring gets. My primary suggestion for the game is startover from scratch.
Addictive? Maybe...
Replayable? Probably.
Original? NO!
Feature-rich? Slightly.
Entertaining? NO!
Fun? NO!

In my opinion, this game should not be a medal game. Whoever gives this a 10 score obviously shouldn't be writing reviews.

Megadev responds:

Ha ha, ok, thanks for the feedback - we're sorry to have blighted your life with our game. ;-)

There you have it

I asked that even though Knightfall was a really enjoyable game that you make improvements, and here we are...Knightfall 2. ITS EVEN BETTER.

The new mechanics with spells building up instead of being in the inventory, being able to drill any blocks, and etc. all make the game feel more playable and I will continue to enjoy it.

Thank you for making such a wonderful game.

Tottally Epic!

AWESOME GAME!!! I don't know why it got a daily 4th. It deserves weekly 1st!!!! i really <3 this game.


Well at the start it was very easy but since you go to the snow mountains it become hard, and almost impossible with the last boss. It was very funny at the start with nice drawings, but then after an hour repetitive and boring. It also become frustrating that at the start of some levels I move the screen and the skulls killed me.

Onwards, again!!

Dev, you've answered my extremely one-sided prayers, this is great! Takes everything I loved about the first one and streeeetches it nice and good. Although, with the leveling and new play element, I had way too easy a time of it, after a while. But this is a whole new Knightfall of itself and for that, I launch highly charged thanks over your battlements and into your wallet! ..Loved the knights' wife's " get your sorry ass out there and get a job" spell, by the way. Even a mighty knight's gonna be tied to the 'ol apron strings..