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Reviews for "Knightfall 2"

A good game

A well made game, great mechanics, strategies and addictive gameplay.
Graphics and sound are ok but what bothered me was the difficulty curve.. the start it was very easy but after a bit it become VERY hard!


I made it all the way too the Final Boss but I accidentally click the wrong button
this game is Bull-***** atleast I have fun playing...I guess


The game itself is incredible fun , I Don't know where the people below me are complaining about... yeah it is nearly impossible to get the medals so what just enjoy the game. Only problem I found in knightfall 1 was it being to short that's fixed now...

This one does have the problem with the medals and golems seem to be immune to spells (note to turn them into chickens and flame you gain during the game) that's why I can't give you a 10/10.

best game ever

I most tell this is the best game I ever played in NG
I loved the first one too
to the coolnes of this game it most have been released in nintendo DS


Listen, this game with a few fixed could be really great, when l saw the tutorial l was thinking "w00t, this will be awesome!", l liked the graphics, the gameplay, everything...
But the game's difficulty ruined everything...it's nearly impossible to finish the game with some prerequisites like the ones with under 500 moves or without destroying 2 or 1 blocks at a time...it's just not fair!
Finishing the game already takes forever, and you can die VERY easily since your health doesn't regenerate..and you are putting a medal for not visiting the shop?
This is at least outrageous!
Please make the game easier, and fix the medals because a guy was playing all day long (his name is Wylo) and he got the medal in game but it didn't show up on his profile.

Megadev responds:

The medals are given varying amounts of points, so some are easy to get whilst others are indeed very difficult. If we just handed out all of the medals for doing something simple then you wouldn't get much of a sense of accomplishment when you got them would you? Many veterans find Knightfall 2 considerably easier than the original, so the extra hard achievements are really there to give them something to aim for.