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Reviews for "Knightfall 2"


Found it a bit complicated at first, but started to quite like it once I got into it.

Kinda disappointed that my One Chance medal never appeared even though I got the achievement. Oh well, the game's too long for me to attempt the hardest medals anyway.

The game is amazing!

It is very well done... It could become more than just a flash game... It's great... The dynamics are hard but you have to think your way through them... That's just how it is...

About the Chicken Medal, I used the scroll to make all enemies chickens and then I burned a chicken with the fire spell and got the IN-GAME MEDAL ONLY... I didn't get the NG medal... Are the medals wrong or should've I done something else for it to appear???

Even though this inconvenient exists, I still give you a 10 for such a well structured game...

Great game

I still loves the challenge in 'puzzling around' in this great game.
Hard to explain in an exact word, but Knightfall is both easy and hard at the same time. Is there an english word for that mixed feeling?

Keep up the good work. :)

Something new!

Knightfall 2 is my firts Part of the series.
I had no Idea how fun It could be, to mix 2 Gernes ( Puzzle + RPG )

It's kinda harsh, and you have to think a lot before make your Turn, but anyway, it's just a fresh wounderful Concept in there.

Nice Game <3

Way underrated!


i beat the game without buying anything (not even the bar) and it said that i didn't do it, what gives???!

Megadev responds:

Sorry everyone - we're working on fixing this bug; should have a fix by the end of the day!