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Reviews for "Knightfall 2"

It's okay

Hmmm don't know why... just didn't like it that much.

good concept

fun, but the medals arent working. yes, i reloaded the page. =/


What a great concept - the game is really addictive and it really get the brain working with spacial awareness a real challenge in this particular game. Thinking 3-4 steps ahead is always worth it, as you need to plot how many moves you've got AP and HP for, even if you don't take monsters into consideration.

Some decent sprite animation - I'd have preferred some sort of better video quality for the cut-scenes, but the comic book / sprite animation strip that you have given us there. Still, you've come up with a plot that's absolutely incredible, combined with the rest of the game.

[Review Request Club]

Really good.

Great game, congratulation :), but the monsters pictures are necesary to the emotion, is the only problem, maybe you can a Knigthfall 3.


Yeah! I did it! I finished the game! OMG it's a middle of night already, wow...