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Reviews for "Knightfall 2"

Flash Game? Should be a NDS game!!!

You know,this game isn't the best on NewGrounds because everyones taste is different,but it is THE MOST DETAILLED I've ever witnessed! The sound...ZOMG no words! It's sooooooooo chilling and relaxing.It's just perfect!
The graphics look like if it was a NDS [Nintendo DS] game! No for real,it is just way beyond splendid! The resolution is so smooth and ahh..I wanna hug the game x33

To Brantkings: You cannot recommend this game to everyone because not everyone likes puzzle games! But puzzle gamers MUST try it out ;)
Oh and the game saves! You can see that when leaving a town then in the right upper corner it is written: ''Saving...''

Btw the gameplay is good but I agree that it gets boring after a while! Especially playing the game through without quitting is hard in order to get this medal!
But the game is way beyond excellent with its story and overall atmosphere!
The achievements [both: medals and in-game achievements] are a CLEVER addition to it =) I love you so for this <3 I'm currently trying to get all of them^^

Also the eaves-drop messages are funny as hell^^ The player is like: wtf,who cares about this xD Also the voice of the bar keeper and the thief are ass crackers xD

My final note is that everyone should at least try this game out,and puzzle gamers will get hooked on this game like a fish on honey bread! lol^^

PS: Did you even consider to be game developers oO You sure have what it takes! I mean it for real O_O Anyway...keep up the good work!


For a flash game, it's truly top-notch! You got a perfect story that suits it perfectly and a solid gameplay! What's more? There's all those little details you kindly did, like the fairys and little conversation with townspeople.

The graphics and sound are great, you can see the effort trough and all. It's something you would see out the amateurism of flash game in general.

The only down is that can get a little boring in the long go and you don't really see your game saving.

Overall, its a good flash game and I recommend it to everyone


medals wern't working, whole point of me going on this :(


Oh god...I just laughed my ass off at the theif's voice...
Anyway, great game. Much more of an rpg element than the first one. I love it!

not bad...

i quite like it =)