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Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 2"

Absolutely Superb.

Not a flaw in sight, and improved on nearly every element lacking in the first installment. Excellent work.

Not same excelent game

You show that even the original could be improved. You added everything that was missing in the original. Extremely good work. Do quit your day job, you have skills.

matt-likes-swords responds:

This is my day job.

Cool Game Bro

Very well made. I loved the fight animations along with the good variety of attacks. This kept me occupied for an hour or so.

A big improvement on the first one

I like all of the new additions you made to this one over the original Epic Battle Fantasy: the overdrives, passive abilities, skill point upgrades, obviously more swords and spells and especially SCANBOT!! What annoyed me however was you lost all of the awesome RPG references that made me really enjoy the first one, like how you could summon Pichu from Pokemon and Catastrophe from Golden Sun (which by the way was MUCH more epic than Ion). Despite this, I found the second one even more fun than the first and I guess that's really what counts right?

love it

I simply love it... I can see a lot of improvement since the first one... and a lot more memes too XD

The saving system is nice and the bonus skills you get after each stage and the diferent status effects really add more strategy... Besides now you can scan the enemy to get the weakness instead of having to figure it out like in the other game.
I also like the touch of adding minigames, it gives a diferent feeling to the whole

You also got Armor Games as a sponsor, well done ;)

18/20 medals so far... epic dificulty is epically hard and I'm still trying to figure out what Oblivion is supposed to be