Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 2"

Grade-A story telling.
oh look a major problem in the plot this could actually seriously effect the course of the stor- OH WAIT MAGICAL SHIT GOES DOWN FRIENDSHIP RESPECT AND pANcAKES FUCK YEAH HAPPY END VERY MUCH

In all seriousness though it is a great game!

Yes I like the boobs's Natalie! :D

If you click her boobs, they bounce 11/9

glad 3 and 4 are better. the healer is so gimpy, all the magic is used solely to keep that sack of meat alive while the swordsman just self heals and deals crap tons of damage. i used a total of 10 revives on her and she has yet to land a dozen magical attacks because she is just keeping her self alive. barely. and im at the final boss and stuck because guess what? she is dead or one shot every turn.

click the boobs of the sorceress