Reviews for "Xtreme 5 Min Shootemup"

... what??

i dont actually undestand the end... it all gets white and i loose with time, i know i didnt win because i dont get the achivement, at least tell me what to do =/

no im i right

stop this fake thing ok ok im am weird but this is not your game this game belong to miniclip.com maybe not the music but the has been created by miniclip the only thing that change is the name,extra shooters and twiter thing if im not right im sorry and you can just erase my message... i really love this game but take from his owners is not right

This game is literally impossible. It is literally not possible to win no matter how good you are (without glitching it), through no fault of your own, but simply because the game punishes you based on your exact hardware and/or exact OS you happen to be using.

Had the exact perfect optimum strategy and flawless skill? That's great! You'll lose anyway.

Good thing I happen to read the comments when I'm having trouble with a game -- someone about 10 or 11 pages back or so mentioned that the only way to actually beat this game on his computer was by a right-click glitch. Basically, right-click a bunch until the game freezes, then wait a little over 5 minutes (you want the in-game timer to expire). You'll know when it's time because the music will have stopped. Then simply left-click to regain focus and play it out sans timer.

That'll make at least the right three otherwise-impossible-medals actually possible. The leftmost medal should be easy enough for everyone to get anyway.

This only leaves the under 1000 medal which, I'm not sure if that one's possible or not. Maybe it is. Maybe it's not. Maybe it depends on your *exact* hardware/browser/OS. (Certainly all three medals on the right do!)

What I know is start out going to the upper-right (so you'll shoot nothing) but you'll need to move left at some point to avoid shooting some stuff that'll spawn upper-right, and from there maybe you just need to have memorized the exact spawn points so you're at the very top but nowhere stuff is? Invincibility after death seems to last a looong time, so maybe this is another one of those *exact* hardware things where maybe this medal is gettable on some computers and not on others??

I know this game is old and there's next to no chance it's getting updated, but this review is mostly for the benefit of other players who might stumble upon this game and be uber-frustrated with the literally unfair gameplay. That's a fair enough reason to leave this review.

It's always lousy when a game relies on *exact* processor speed, *exact* amount of RAM, or other things of that nature. Never do that!


i really dont like this game