Reviews for "Xtreme 5 Min Shootemup"

i really dont know what im seeing...

a good game or a bad game? in the midle, me thinks.

Great game

I like it :D It's fun and quick :)
5863300 points ._.


It was fun challenging myself to use both hands and play with two ships. You guys should try it out. Good game, the length kept my interest.

nice game!! but...

nice game buts is very hard to get that damn 6.000.000 medal. first i died a lot on the beginning than i died on like 3.000.000 points and now i get like 5.600.000-5.995.700 points i mean cmon cant u put the medals on like 5.5 mil or something not thats impossible,very hard,hard but CRAZY to get that 6 mil. for some ppl its easy cus maybe they played mutch shooters of this before or got mutch lucky. BTW nice game,good graphics, mutch BULLETS to spray whahaha xD i,m not gonna give this a 9 cus of the medal, cus medals are just for fun and points so a 10/10 and a 5/5 i hope there will be more games like this :D and i will like if there is a difficult thing like beginner-average-pro than u/ppl from NW can make new medals for it :) and maybe a bit more time like 6.5 min for the ppl whit slower computer. I HOPE THIS HELPS ;D


ur arrtistic skills are awsome i was playong and thinking wow u draw just like me wait no i draw just like u wasome ((5 min)) game