Reviews for "Xtreme 5 Min Shootemup"

Refreshing Arcady feeling...

But there's a problem... When the time runs out it gives you a game over... I always reached the final boss and didn't have enough time to kill it and I really don't get how you can "save" time so that you can actually finish the game... Is the game wrong or is there a special thing you can do to prevent this from happening and actually completing the mission solo?

Coolio-Niato responds:

It might be due to your frame rate dropping. Try setting the quality down to save the game from doing this.


Like StardustSoldier said before, i got no medals, the screen turns into white and it happend nothing. But the graphic and the sound are great, the basic-idea is good and i´d like to see the complete game without bugs. Go on, staying tuned.

Co-Author Xelu

That art was superb, and very original. It is rare to see art that good in games these days. He desrves a co-author so I would strongly recommend coing him. As for the programming, it was superb as well. Hell everything was superb. I loved this game and I was so glad you implemented medals into it. It is juusstt the right length and I loved the simple controls. I always enjoy your style colio, and the music was AWESOME.

Great job.

Coolio-Niato responds:

He's just on vacation at the moment, so I can't get his cobuddy. I will don't worry.

lol cool

yeah good game, i start it and it is so hard but cool


It is what it is: A quick 5 minute generic shootemup. It's solid, fast paced, does exactly what you intended with it. I liked it enough to play it twice, and I'll probably try again to check out the medals.

I do have a few concerns however.

1 - I'm the second person to remark that for some reason at (what I'm assuming is) the end of the game, the screen fades to white and just stays like that. Nothing else happens, no medal, no 'The End', no ranking. Just... whiteness. I left it like that for several minutes thinking maybe the laptop was lagging up, walked away, got a coke, etc, came back... still white. Really odd. It did the same thing the second time I played through. Same spot.

2 - Someone mentioned getting to some asteroids in another review, but I didn't see a single asteroid in the game, nor was I ever in space. What gives?

3 - There don't seem to be enough enemies or opportunities to get anywhere CLOSE to 6 million points. 2 million is pushing it.

So having said that, 2 & 3 lead me to assume that the white screen has left me unable to play the full game.

4 - The '1000 points or less' medal seems completely insane to me. I mean you get so many points so fast and you shoot automatically. It's hard NOT to hit anything even on accident. It's also hard to get killed because the invincibility after getting hit lasts an extremely long time. How on earth did anyone get this medal? It seems technically impossible to me, but maybe I'm missing something.

I hope you iron out whatever issues the game may have. Either way, I had a pleasant little 5 minutes and it's exactly what it advertises itself as.