Reviews for "Xtreme 5 Min Shootemup"

Fun but I..

cant beat the boss without time runnings

5 Minutes, 5 R

That was the most awesome 5 minutes of my life*! I love top-down shooters, and this one just felt like good clean casual fun. Hell, I like how you don't even have to shoot or collect power ups to level up, but it's still pretty tough, too! Awesome game :D

Kinda cool...

I like how the game is limited to 5 minutes. Except, you can still die! Why? If there are 5 mintues, not really much point to blowing up, it'll be over in 5 minutes anyway.
Instead of blowing up, your firepower could be reduced instead, based on how much damage you've sustained.

I'm glad the game is only 5 minutes though. I always found these kinds of games more for the kind of people interested in getting the highscores. Of course - 5 minutes would probably not be enough for people really interested in the game. Which is too bad.


The only problem is that sometimes the screen is just so crowded that you can't tell what's an enemy shot.

control changes?

i like it to play this together with my brother but we always end up losing simply because we have an azerty-keyboard
i much rather have games that lets you change your controls "hint"