Reviews for "Xtreme 5 Min Shootemup"

Not good....

....with my computor because it lags and it cuts into the time. This game is impossible to beat on slow computors because time runs out. Regardless the game is great up to the final boss. Can't say after that though.....

Coolio-Niato responds:

Try lowering the quality. That's about all you can do. :'(


All aspects from a shooter are in there...just too nnice <3
But , indeed, could be a lil' bit easier and .. *COUGH** a lil' bit longer..

or is this the meaning of this ? oO

Coolio-Niato responds:

Really glad you like it. We tried hard to get as many shmup aspects in as we could, to make it feel super retro.

Nice game

I'm glad I didn't have to press an extra button to shoot!
Good graphics, good variety of enemies, retro looks and classic game play makes this a enjoyable game! Medals are nice but not kinda easy!

Coolio-Niato responds:

What's the point of easy medals? ;)


Game is awesome :D Cool pixelade graph ;] Great oldschool game play x] It's awesome to playing alone in to players mode ;] This game bringing back memories :D ...but why there's only 5 minutes ;P


I think the game don't respond very well to computers that lag, the first time wen i got a level up only the missiles started shooting, the main weapon did'nt, and in the two times i played the game finished in the middle of some normal enemies even tho i think i was pretty fast to beat the boss, and after that stayed like 5 minutes with a white screen and then i got the medal that i lost the game.