Reviews for "Xtreme 5 Min Shootemup"

nice game
it is charming
keep it up

While it's a beautiful game, I have some slight issues with it. Leveling up felt a little empty. I didnt even know that leveling up was possible until it happened, because its easy to kill the bad guys without leveling up. After a while, it just becomes waiting longer for another column of bullets that you dont actually need. Plus, the homing rockets just weaken the enemies, making this cool-looking tower of bullets even less of a perk of leveling up. If the rockets help, why not just keep the amount of bullets the same? But, I still like it either way, just a few points I felt like making.

Pretty good.

Took me a bit to figure out the level up system, and then it got a lot more manageable.


i really dont like this game

no im i right

stop this fake thing ok ok im am weird but this is not your game this game belong to miniclip.com maybe not the music but the has been created by miniclip the only thing that change is the name,extra shooters and twiter thing if im not right im sorry and you can just erase my message... i really love this game but take from his owners is not right