Reviews for "Xtreme 5 Min Shootemup"

very intence

its a very nice game and the fact that there is two players make it even better


are given after a certain amount of points are achieved:
0- 2 shot
50,00- 2 shot/ 1 missle
330,000- 3 shot/1 missle
1,200,000- 4 shot/1 missle
2,750,000- 5 shot/ 1 missle
3,200,000- 5 shot/ 2 missle
theres probably more but thats as far as i got.

god if anytime was better for a barrel roll.

a very nice,fast paced shooter,it gives that challenge to go as far as possible.

i have a problem

that is very good game,but i dont have enought time to final boss.
because the game goes by different time also if it lags.
also on low quality i still lags.
i never can get 6,000,000 points,and with lags i cannot ever complete the game

Sorry for the low score.

The game itself: Great. But the timer: Not so great.

I was only able to beat this game by right clicking, waiting until the music stopped, and then playing without a timer (It shows a big "-"). After seeing how many stages of the final boss there are, it's pretty obvious that the game is virtually impossible. I imagine the game runs slower than intended for most players, since beating the game took about seven minutes at least, about two minutes for the final boss alone. With maxed-out weapons. Never moving out from under its hit points.

Until you can find some way to make the game run normally for everyone, I'm afraid I can't recommend this to anyone except for a quick look. If it helps, I'm using Safari 4.0.3 on Mac OS 10.5.8, 1 GB RAM, 1.83 GHz. Intel. ... Hold on... *Activity Monitor* Memory: 10 MB free... >_< Could that be the problem? Well, in any case, the game's timer runs down before I have a chance to win, and my computer shouldn't affect that *this* much. It should probably be tied to the number of frames that... err... something... Argh, I can't think anymore. I may as well submit.