Reviews for "Xtreme 5 Min Shootemup"

Pretty good.

This game reminds me of the XBOX Arcade game "Aegis Wing".

Good Job.



just awsom

Great Game

-Music > I've played this game many times and the music still is fun and entertaining. It also fits the feel of the game well.
-Graphics > Simple enough to see what's going on while still looking fancy.
-Play mechanic > I really enjoyed the concept that this game will only take 5 min to complete and the upgrade system was a nice fit to the non-stop action.

Not much negative I can say about this game. A nice addition would have been a bar showing your progress to the next level. Also, sometimes enemies coming from the bottom of the screen can hit you with no notice. My only other suggestion is to add a choice to the ship you can start with in the beginning.

I really do enjoy this game. I played it a lot when it first came out last year and I recently re-discovered it. I would love to see a sequel even if there isn't much innovation in it.

Tips for those struggling:
-This game is not impossible to beat, it's actually pretty easy to win once you get the hang of it.
-6,000,000 points is also not impossible, it's just really tough.
-Kill everything you can, you need the points so that you'll be upgraded. You can go through the first half of the game pretty easily without killing much, but towards the end you won't have enough fire power to take out anything.
-The game is exactly the same every time. Memorize where the tanks come from in the beginning of the game so you can more easily kill them. Also try to remember where the tougher enemies come from so you can take them out too.
-For the first boss, you should shoot off each of his guns before actually killing him. That will help get you the points you need to upgrade.
-Simply shooting an enemy will give you points so even if you don't think you have time to kill one, just try to put some shots on him to net you some of those precious, precious points.


addicting fun but

impossible to beat in the given time. i notice even the user who posted the game only has the failure medal. its just not possible to beat in the time given

liked the game but.........

at least put some extra lies or ways to recover, the gmae its impossbile to beat and its like one sec notihng and then then othe ra full screnn full of missles at you.