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Reviews for "Turn Based Battle!"


A perfectly brilliant little game. The credits song is very veggie-tales, makes me think of "The song that comes at the credits" or whatever it's called. The battle was fun enough to make a mini-rpg out of also if you ever got bored. Music was great...just not sure what else I can say.

Also, Lionel738, JRPG refers to Japanese-made RPG's. Mostly talking about how massively oversized weapons and how "bishi" the main villains tend to be in the genre, as well as what I believe to be a reference to tentacle rape with the girls one line. Could just be reading to much into it though.

Awesome Game

It was a little on the easy side though. I gave one character the big-ass sword and another one the lightning spell. After that I pretty much tore through everyone. But then I suppose the joke would be lost if you cranked the difficulty up.


That's the first turn based RPG I've enjoyed. None of that wandering around crap...

Generic JRPG

Marvelous , you summed up the essence of what a jrpg is and really stupidifiyed it nicely.

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great game. i liked how short it was. makes sense why it was so hard at beginning. good graphics and good controls. no glitches and addictive.