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Reviews for "Just Dad"


In all honesty, it could have been a lot better.
I see what you were trying to go for, and with a little more practice I think you can do it, you just gotta work on some things. I will give you a 7 nonetheless.

Zachary responds:

Wow cool review, thank you for telling me WHAT i actually need to improve on...NOT

It's nice.

His chest needs to be bigger to fit with his arms, or his arms need to be smaller. It seems in-proportionate. I think the detail was most accurate and looked the best on his face and neck area, some of his stomach and chest muscles look a tiny bit whack. It's overall a very nice picture and the background color compliments the purple on Dad.


I love the effort you put into this, however, I suggest studying the anatomy of the human body for a bit. His Traps (shoulder/neck muscles) are a little flat, you have to take the size of his arms into consideration when your doing his head and neck. But all n' all it's not that bad for a Drawing of Dad.
And with that said I give you a Satisfactory score of 7.

-Keep going at it, Soenaz