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Reviews for "Just Dad"


Its good....but something is missing......im not really sure what it is...


I love the effort you put into this, however, I suggest studying the anatomy of the human body for a bit. His Traps (shoulder/neck muscles) are a little flat, you have to take the size of his arms into consideration when your doing his head and neck. But all n' all it's not that bad for a Drawing of Dad.
And with that said I give you a Satisfactory score of 7.

-Keep going at it, Soenaz

Nice but....

You kinda got the shading wrong. But what you should do it but more details. More it more Vector Style.

It's nice.

His chest needs to be bigger to fit with his arms, or his arms need to be smaller. It seems in-proportionate. I think the detail was most accurate and looked the best on his face and neck area, some of his stomach and chest muscles look a tiny bit whack. It's overall a very nice picture and the background color compliments the purple on Dad.


I love this, very nice detail! The shading is nice, and all the lines showing his muscles and depth in his body look awesome. His arms, sort of look like they are behind him yet in front of him, but it doesn't affect the terrific art you made here. Keep up the awesome work!