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Reviews for "This is the Only Level"

level 15 - i stomped on button 100 times and nothing happened

This game's concept is very clever and original, and you've done an awesome job with it. Kudos to you!

This game is very fun to play, I think my favorite level would have to be, well, level one, the only level ._. But in all seriousness, all the stages were fun, creative, and great, except for maybe 30, which we had a harder version of earlier on, stage 20 where you can't even go back to the start to see. But still, stage 30 was unique in the sense that if you got lost you could go back (Or die >:3) and all the stages were fun to play. One of my favorites would be the Left Right March, because I just love spamming the keys to move on that one. This game is just very strange, it messes with your brain, and is very clever in its ways of beating stages, like refreshing the page or going to the credits page. That's why I love it, for it's strange nature and weird ways of doing things.

I love how it messes with your brain!!!!!!!!!!

Haha, I love the Blue Elephant series. It's so funny and weird at the same time! Anyway, I have a walkthrough for you if you're stuck on a level and can't be arsed to press the Walkthrough button. Enjoy.

"Stage 1" (Arrow keys required): As the stage name entails, use the arrow keys to navigate that cute little elephant to press the button and go in the warp pipe.
"Stage 2" (Not always straightforward): The same as previous stage, but this time the left and right keys have been swapped.
"Stage 3" (Think before doing): Stop and look closely at the level, there is no gate blocking the warp pipe.
"Stage 4" (Alternate control scheme): Your mouse takes the wheel; Click anywhere to teleport the elephant to the mouse.
"Stage 5" (Freefloating): As it says, the elephant will float around. Navigate the stage while floating.
"Stage 6" (A bit bouncy here): The elephant got addicted to trampolines, and he's now bouncing endlessly. Navigate the stage while bouncing like a maniac.
"Stage 7" (Dull appearances): The jump button has been disabled, and now the spikes act like trampolines. Navigate the stage by bouncing on the spikes.
"Stage 8" (Candy stripes of doom) The stage has been striped, and one colour is safeground, while the other colour kills the elephant. TIP: The colour the elephant lands on first when starting this stage is the safe ground.
"Stage 9" (Arrow control): Once again, the mouse has the controls. This time, the movement of the mouse depends on the movement of the elephant. Click to jump.
"Stage 10" (Heavy headwind, here): Massive wind incoming! Navigate the stage with this crazy wind.
"Stage 11" (No returns, no refunds): A normal stage, but going left is not an option.
"Stage 12" (Stay low): Just hold down the right arrow key and you'll complete the stage.
"Stage 13" (Left Right March) Alternate between the left and right arrow keys. The elephant moves to where it goes on it's own.
"Stage 14" (One Leap of Faith) Normal stage, but you can only jump ONCE.
"Stage 15" (Time to refresh) Refresh the whole page you're playing the game on, and continue the game. The gate will be open for you.
"Stage 16" (Keep hitting it): Hit the button 5 times to open the gate.
"Stage 17" (Worried about nothing): Nothing to worry about, bro! Peace and love, bruh! Navigate the stage normally.
"Stage 18" (Collapse): Every block the elephant stands/walks on will collapse under his feet. The button has also been disabled. To complete, collapse and fall through the roof blocks over the warp pipe.
"Stage 19" (Stuttering): Every gamer's enemy: Lag. Navigate the stage normally with your worst enemy.
"Stage 20" (Do you remember?): Someone threw a flash grenade. Navigate the stage normally, but everything from the level is there, only you can't see it.
"Stage 21" (Inbetween gravitii): The stage is once again striped, but this time the different colours has an effect on the gravity. One colour makes your elephant's gravity normal, while the other colour makes your elephant's gravity inverted.
"Stage 22" (Mime's folly): An invisible wall stands between the gate and button. Jump over the wall.
"Stage 23" (Center keyboarder): Use the TFGH keys to move around.
"Stage 24" (UPPERCASE): Hold down the Caps Lock key on your keyboard to open the gate. Letting go closes the gate.
"Stage 25" (When it feels like it): Every 10 seconds that pass, the gate will open for 1 second. Wait 10 seconds for the gate to open, then quickly pass through.
"Stage 26" (Or is it): The gate is not what it seems. The elephant walks right through it.
"Stage 27" (Credit page): Click the menu button in the bottom left corner, then press the Credits button. Continue the game, and the gate will be open. The game wants you to thank the people who made this game :)
"Stage 28" (Oh ho, so close): The game wants you to get a nice close look at that cute elephant. Just stare at that cute, beautiful, hypnotising, creaaaa-WHA? Anyway, navigate the stage while the camera is super zoomed in on the elephant.
"Stage 29" (Closing shop): After pressing the button, the gate will open for 3 seconds before closing again. Be quick here!
"Stage 30" (No sweat.): The stage gets darker as you venture deeper. Navigate the stage while in the darkness.

YES. yes it is. You have beaten the only level in the entire game. You've beaten the only level in the entire game easily using this walkthrough. And you better feel damn proud. Because cheaters are needers.