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Reviews for "Enigmata"

Pretty Good

My only real complaint is the fact that there doesnt appear to be any kind of difficulty curve, you just get about halfway through and hit a brick wall...


Great game with lot of possibilities. Lot of upgrades, ships and everything. Modifying more the ships could have been nice and by the way almost every enemy drop a power up which made it easy. Overall a good work ;)


yes it good


Anyone complaining about the missiles.
You press 'Ctrl' to switch between them.
Also you can go to the options and change it so they don't switch by themselves.

Quite enjoyable at least

I'm a huge fan of games like these and this pretty much had all that you could offer. While I admit it was pretty hard and it wasn't very much rewarding either, at least it gave you the chance to save your work all the time and play it again later. It goes on a bit too long, but the designs are very interesting and the weapons are too.