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Reviews for "Enigmata"


i would suggest to speed it up a little more, and have less pixels, should use smoother lines, and also needs better music, some thing that would keep the hype, overall this was good, it kinda reminds me of the water down Ikaruga, except with out the upgrades


very well done...see no problems so far ^_^
as far as Faustopheles...they prob have a problem with everything in the world..
#1 once you get an achievment, even if you die you dont lose it..
#2 there is a SAVE button.. as well as an AUTOSAVE...you should really pay more attention dude -_-...

somthing very strange happened to me

i absolutely love the game- ive been playin all day. but around lvl 15, my shiled turned into infinity shield. it made me invincible and never went away, making beating the game a breeze. im just curious, how does infinity shield happen? is it completely random, or is there a certain pattern to follow to obtain it?

Really good

The overal quality of the game is really good. The music fits the old retro arcade style of this game and the powerups also are quite appropriate. Probable the only thing I saw that could use some improvement is that most of the bosses look the same. Having a variety of bossses would make the game much better. But other than that the game is good and it has alot of potential.

Need Some Gold?

Occasionally maybe 1 every 2 levels you will see a block thing that doesnt attack, its just there and seems unkillable, the trick is that you HAVE to keep ramming it and shooting it down, until it will finally blow up and give u the V coin in turn giving u 3 million gold.