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Reviews for "Enigmata"

A very good game

This is a very good game. But as always there are negative points/positive points
- the battlefield is too crowded, sometimes there are some much enemies on screen that collision detection doesn't seem to work correctly; you sometimes penetrate through the enemy and take a little damage in normal levels and the boss level, but in time trials you frequently collide and then you get bounced backwards.
- there isn't a shortcut key or someting else to select diffrent missiles
+ the size of the ship increases per rank, this is to increase difficulty of dodging bullets off course
+ Buy 'time stop' in the Nebula shop and 'Darkness Energy Charge' in the Elite shop, then while you are in a level, press and hold the M-key to stop time, while holding the M-key tap that D-key frequently, this way you stop time while in darkness mode, recharge your energy and kill your enemies with ease, be sure that you don't accidentialy stop holding the M-key while your darkness-timer still runs or from that point darkness will take it's effect...

Ok, this one's a keeper.

Wow, this is something you dont normally see out of flash.
So I'm going to congratulate you on keeping me entertained for 5 and 1/2 hours.
Also, the achivements and gameplay was well though out.
The only thing I was dissapointed with was Nico, the animation and picture was shitty. Plain and simple. If you make a revamp or update, please, spend a little more time on your characters appearances.

Nice work, I hope to see more from you.
-Sara O'Connel


great game, found glitch

all in all fun and great game play.

i found a glitch: when any missile generator, you can simply stay at the end-game screen and your missiles will continue to be generated.


very great game i wish there was 100 levels caz i replayed like 10 times every ship has everything baught and now theres nothing to do lmao ive beaten it all on hard same thing but all in all great game

Great game

Great game but. no instructions on how to change missiles if you can change missiles.