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Reviews for "Enigmata"

cool game

i found a trick to restart after level 26
go to time attack level 15
look up the shop will change after a certain choice
when it does hit the back button
hit leave shop, next level, save
you'll do time attack but face a boss
afterwards you'll enter the level 16 shop
now just get to level 20 and you can start over:)

Almost Perfect !

Excellent game, good to see that some people still want to develop shooters which aren't too much "old school" (I mean with hellish difficulty)
The graphics are amazing and the tons of bonuses and ships to buy provide a consequent lifetime for a flash game, the gameplay is fast paced enough to keep the player interested even when the Elite ships and every single amelioration are bought, the few flaws I can mention concern some silly parts of the gameplay, but are still annoying :
- No way to choose which powerup you want to pickup : it's kinda frustrating to be stuck with the sucking tetra beam 10 seconds after you picked up the ultra missile wave...
- You should add an option for the player to choose if he wanna go back in time even after beating Geru, as once you have encountered Epic and ventured into the Boss World, a constantly repeating level isn't very entertaining if the player isn't a maniac like me and wants to buy all the ameliorations whatever it takes :p
- Some few bugs persist, like the Stop Time/Darkness Charge LODGunther mentionned, or the Ultra Bomb not exploding when you fire too much of them in a reduced time

Overall, a very fun and beautiful shooter as long as you haven't reached the level 26 :)

Top game

Really well thought out
Great gameplay

Love the medals


yes it good


9/10 for me great game