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Reviews for "Enigmata"

The graphics were nice....

....but let me say this. The gameplay and the upgrade system is titanic! I honestly think this is the, if not, one of the best games on Newgrounds.

I love to play games of skill that let you upgrade your way. Seriously...good job. Make more like this please.


The game is a little shaky and the graphics could be better but good work i look forward to a 2nd one!!!!!!

Pretty Good

There is no better game in my opinion than a good time waster and this is one. Overall the game play was excellent and the story was fine. The equipments and ships you can earn along the way is a nice touch along with the music. The game control were also good, even thought sometimes it's hard to remember which button is which when in the heat of battle.

Aside from a few medal glitches where at the last two bosses when the player dies you still earn the medal, it still a fun game to play. Keep up the good work.

A few bugs

If you go to a shop mid-level, you cannot use powers after leaving it.

Second: You can get infinite shielding by equipping all armor for a level, and then unequipping it. Equipping the "all shields" item fixes this.

Awesome beyond all reason!

Totally loving it! 10/10