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Reviews for "Enigmata"

not the best

i say it was to bland i completely agree with malkrow21


This is really good!

Good game!

Good game for when you have nothing better to do =D


This game really impressed me. Alot!

Too bland.

While the concept of the game may not be very original (Hell, nothing is anymore), I still enjoy these types of games. However, I did not enjoy Engimata. The audio feels lacking, the gameplay is dull, the story is too simplistic. Basically there just isn't enough and the game feels as if it's still in development.

The story of the game is very simplisitic and straight to the point. You are in the Enigmata galaxy and there is an evil ruler named Genu. Genu has taken control of a majority of the sector you're in, and it's up to you to stop him. You are being assist by some random guy named Neko. I believe the game could have used a more complex storyline. Something a bit more griping. The story is just way too simple and boring.

The gameplay is as bad as the story, too simplistic and boring. While the gameplay should be simple, it's just incredibly boring. Your enemies, by the majority, are rather pathetic. They don't feel as if they are even flying, it's more like they're just hovering in the air. They are extremely slow, and despite the variety in enemies, every single is exactly the same. Through out each level, is a boss fight waiting for you at the end. And it's safe to say, the bosses do actually put up a good fight. There are also special pick ups you'll come across. Pick ups such as, energy, weapon upgrades, missiles, invincibility, etc. There are also some pick ups marked with an X and they must be avoided. There is even a special portal that takes you to the Nebula Shop. The Nebula Shop sells, as they are called, unique items that don't take up equipment slots. Instead they use energy, so everytime you use a purchased item from the Nebula Shop during the campaign, you join energy. Speaking of energy, there are two main abilities that uses up energy as well, Stealth and Speed. Stealth has it's uses as it makes you invincible, allowing you to go through enemies unharmed. But speed is a bit pointless and isn't all that effect, due to the size of the screen. The screen is just too small, and you'll often end up running into things because of it.

The graphics themselves aren't bad, but they aren't really all that great either. It's a pretty simplistic art style. The design of the ships look bad though; they don't even look like ships. The space background could have been done better, and I have seen better weapon effects. To me, the explosions look terrible.

The audio is also a bit lacking. There isn't any radio chatter, the enemy ships don't make any noises except when they shoot, and your ship doesn't make any noises at all. There is only one song, and while it sounds nice it just isn't enough.

Truth be told, I hate Enigmata.