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Reviews for "Enigmata"

Upgrade treadmill.

Are you familiar with the term "upgrade treadmill"? The upgrade treadmill is a term in consumer electronics for when you buy a device, and then a week later the company comes out with version 2 of that device with twice the capability at half the cost. You would have been better off waiting a week for the new one, except that if you had, then a week after *that* there would have been an even *cheaper* and *better* version 3. This makes the consumer feel cheated, like they are having to buy the same device over and over just to keep up.

That's what this game feels like. When I buy a new ship, all my hard-earned upgrades become useless, and I find out that I have to buy them *again*. When I open the elite market, the normal market becomes useless because nothing in there is worth the slot anymore. I assume the black market will render the elite market just as much a waste of money, but I'm getting off the treadmill now, before I find out.

Its a shame, you went to the trouble of making a store and three dozen or more upgrades, but between the six slot limit and the "losing everything between ships", it feels like the only way not to get ripped off is to avoid the store entirely until late game.

Maybe give us a few slots *per store*, or a better ratio when selling things back, I don't care, just something to make me feel like I didn't waste all my money the first time I see the elite market. If you have to sacrifice the realism of limited slots for better gameplay, do it. And please PLEASE don't make us buy everything a second third and fourth time when we upgrade ships! What did we ever do to you? Why do you hate us? :'(

Also, the wormhole for the special store keeps moving even while time is stopped, and powerups should disappear/change/color or give some other instant indication when the are picked up, otherwise it is hard to tell whether or not I hit them.

Great Game, Not so great music :P

its a really great game! (and im not even a fan of flyer games like this)
its very addicting, being that you want to get the next ship and all :P
a few hints:
Your warpspeed is basically useless (unless you are a fan of dieing)

Neko's parts are basically the same as the elite parts, so compare and contrast (window shop)

Always aim to get the next best ship (duh)

The Black Market has the BEST prices

Try to get anything that reduces the drop rate of "X"s (because near the end the drop rate is just insanely ridiculous!)

An easy way to get 2 acchivements is by crashing into other spacecrafts to try to destroy them (bosses too!)

When ever you get invinciblity crash into other spacecrafts, they die instantly!

DON'T buy Glow ship lights!

I think that about covers it. Have fun and kee trying to earn Medals :)

Good game 1 problem

If you ever make another one DO NOT I repeat DO NOT put the Tetra Upgrade back in it it is the worst upgrade in the world it was more of an x than an upgrade at higher lvls my reg wpn did so much more dmg and the Tetra mad me fail

Great game

Great game. Music was a annoying so I turn it off on later run throughs. The weapons worked great though sometimes it was hard to tell if they did anything.
Of the 3 super weapons, the missles before buying the super upgrade just didn't seem to be that big of a super weapon. Even buying the upgrade and getting the poweredup ie get the missles then grab the red weapon upgrade. I loved the upgrade ion wave. Yellow death for the win.
Over all the game was fun, challenging at times, especially the end bosses.
The only thing I wish you could buy or have a option to do was lock in what weapon you currently had. After getting the tri ion wave. I lost it to lesser weapon. This made the final levels near impossible as the lower grade of weapons just didn't put out enough damage to deal with a screen full of the those larger ships and attack turrents.
Like I said good game and I hope you make more.
A helpful hint for people trying to get the final bosses, the darkness energy recover + time stop FTW.


diz game is freakin greatnes but da medals r tickin me off man cuz i cant get ons i want