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Reviews for "Enigmata"


The game was ok , but there seem to be so much enemies on the screen that you just can't take them all , and it becomes really annoying after a while like this..

Very hard but good game

The first few levels were easy, but then the difficulty really started to climb. So far I got to that protector of darkness ship, we killed each other at the same time, so game over but it still gave me the medal. I love the way you can customize your ship to an extent also.


really like the concept, has a lot of enemies that are hard to avoid and it takes some thought to get through it all

good game, quite annoying

I like this game. I like it quite a lot. I have got up to level 18 and I have enjoyed some aspects of the gameplay. Especially the fast paced action and the upgrade and achievements systems. Some things though, have really annoyed me.

1: Negative bonuses - now, until you can get to that upgrade to stop this, you have to deal with some really annoying negative bonuses. Now i know they are meant to be annoying but things like: Unaccuracy lasting ages on a bossfight or when you are grinding to get an upgrade, to get money loss twice at the end which sucks like 400 000 off you - is terribly over the top in my opinion.

2: Postive bonuses - when you have that bonus magnet upgrade to get you certain bonuses and money, it gets extremely annoying on a bossfight where you have the yellow laser thing or the ion beam or whatever and to have this replaced by tetra fire which is not as good. In my opinion, you should be able to - in the upgrade area - rank the bonuses in order of importance for you. So if you rank double fire above tetra fire, then if you have double fire and you go into tetra fire bonus, nothing happens.

3: In level shop - when you accidently go into the nebula shop or legendary shop (to avoid about 7000000 negative bonuses) it is really annoying because it stops your momentum and you have to re press space afterwards whilst your face is being smashed. I also find they are random, I have been on a run with both and then retried level and neither were there. this is annoying when for the one time, you are looking for the shop. Hence why I believe that feature is kinda poor.

4: Difficulty spike - maybe this is just me but I believe the difficulty suddenly gets extremely difficult around level 17. I went from enjoying the game and spending 1-2 tries per level to ripping the hair off my head and suffocating kittens. And the fact that every time you die you have to do the whole easy level all over again just to be raped by the satanic boss after he has absorbed 2 mins of constant bullets is annoying as hell.

There are other little things but these are the main things in my opinion which make this game less of what it could have been; Just in case the creator is planning of a sequal and wants feedback.

Apart from that though, this game is more addicting then heroin and pretty damn fun at most points too.


Very addicting and one of the best side scroll shooters i have played. The gameplay is fluid and i have not encounted a single glitch. Highly recommended.