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Reviews for "Enigmata"

bloddy awesome

oh and one thing ion wave+tetra fire=double wave and vectron laser+ double fire=double laser

Very fun

waiting eagerly for Enigmata 2 :)

Freakin Awesome..

Look heres the deal.. my job is to sit in front of a computer all day and make sure people sign in to use the other computers/phones.. So i spend most of my day on NG i love this game so much that i made an account just to write a review on it.. a few points though.. Achievement list maybe? and the Bonuses are cool and all but sometimes ill have somethin awesome like a triple wave (Upgraded of course) and then ill hit somethin like a double and get downgraded to double lasers :-l <<< Makes me mad.. anyways great game im on to play Genu's revenge..


to answer itszay's question in the legendary portal shop thing you can buy a portal to the creator of genu

awesome game...yeah

hack it to get a lot of gold

where the fck is the creat0r of genu???