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Reviews for "Enigmata"


This is a amazing game. the weapon downgrade is annoying and the graphics may not be the best. But this game is exactly what it is supposed to be... FUN! Great job and keep up the good work.

Cool game, but 1 suggestion..

make a controls option for WASD and mouse or arrow keys and spacebar

Love shooter games

very good buddy, shooters games are very simple but this game is really awsome.

Great Game..

Great game, lovely graphics. Kept me entertained for HOURS.

However I did figure out a glitch that would make everything .. uhm... easy. Very late game though, since you need access to the legendary shop.

Once you get the repid energy regen (D), You can just hold down cloak and warp speed for every map.. and boss.. and spam D when it gets low without EVER leaving cloak. If you time it right you can switch back and forth from Stop Time and Cloak without ever getting hit. Funny, but eh.. Might wanna look into that one. :3

Great Fun

I love this style of games, but this one is different. At first I though, "oh in-game achievements, those are cool but whatever". When I unlocked the elite shop, I was amazed at what you could by there. So I went around, trying to get as many achievements as I could and opened the black market. Love the upgrades! The graphics are simple, yet stylish. I don't like the downgrading thing with the weapons, but thats just a small quirk. Love it and now off to Enigmata 2