Reviews for "The Amazing Stuff"

its new.. its cheap..

its 10.

Perfect rendition!

You know, I wrote the script to this commercial and begged Rod (Vago) to voice act it out for me! The animation is very close to what I was thinking while I wrote it to be honest. XD
Perfectly demented, just the way I wanted it to be! Rod and I are proud.

With love,

Mandi <3

Quite random indeed.

Whoa that was pretty wicked,the animation was great but the voice acting was even better with all the random fast pace talking that was going on but it kept me laughing for a good bit and overall i liked it very much,great job.

Ummm OK. What just happened

I don't know if I can get that guy out of my head now.Lol! The concept was good, and your sound fx with music were good as well. A little touch up on the illustration, and maybe some more funny scenes of product........but I did enjoy it.

Two words...