Reviews for "Toss the Turtle"


The first time I received a shoyuken from a banana I stopped to give this game a 10*5!

Also though.. I repeatedly get the Gold Star medal anytime anything happens

awesome concept

I love these kind of games. They are simple, yet addicting and entertaining. Great animation/art and especialy gameplay. My best so far is 7k feet



it's alright

Gets boring after only a few shots.

Upgrades are the same as in any other game like this; shop needs a lot more variety or something original.

The animation is pretty but the backgrounds are rather bland. Also it would be nice to get to choose what level to play on.

Music is good, the artist you chose is a personal favorite.

There should be more multipliers for cash score, such as hang time, height, ect. A height meter would be nice too.

Other than that it's an alright game that might not be living up to its potential.

Looks beautiful, plays boringly.

Wait for the cannon to appear on screen.
Press and hold the 'w' and 'd' keys.
Move the mouse to aim the cannon at a 45` angle.
Click and hold the mouse button.
Release the mouse button when the power bar is full.
Wait some more.
Wait even longer.
Keep the 'w' and 'd' keys down.
Hope that the random number generator has placed good items in your path.
Hope that the random number generator hasn't placed bad items in your path.
Wait until the peak of your momentum is about one screen above the ground.
At that peak, use your jetpack.
More waiting.
More hoping.
More boredom.
You can click your weapon button if you'd like to try to alleviate some boredom, but don't get your hopes up 'cause it doesn't actually do anything.

And that's it, it's a standard launcher game with standard boosts and hazards along the way. This one's differences consist of your ability to slightly control yourself as you fly through the air (so you have to keep two buttons on your keyboard held down throughout your entire flight), graphical awesomeness with many site specific references (these get you good scores since it's catering to the fanboyism) and much, much longer than average flight times (so you have to sit through the whole thing before you get more interactivity).

My suggestions:
Double the turtle's horizontal velocity and halve its vertical velocity. This would greatly speed up the game play and would allow for a much more interactive feel.

Instead of having the weapons do nothing (or whatever small, irrelevant functionality they may have had), make them propel you a small, but relevant distance upward. Enough to avoid any one hazard (even the vertical spikes along the ground).

Remove the WASD functionality and instead have the game react as if the user is always holding down 'w' and 'd'. My fingertips would greatly appreciate it (holding down buttons for so long gets really annoying).

Change the jetpack, weapon, etc. activation triggers to keys on the keyboard rather than icons you click on the stage.

Either lower the price of pretty much everything in the shop or raise the amount of money you get (either by increasing cash per distance point or (preferably) adding in some new and crazy bonuses you can get).

In conclusion: this game takes a standard, overdone concept, gives it a new, enjoyable feel and adds its fair share of unique play concepts and features. The only problem is that, while the feel it adds is completely awesome, the features tend to detriment the game play rather than accentuate it.