Reviews for "Toss the Turtle"

well the medals are screwed up

Great game, but i got about 5 medals, and they havent shown up, and then some of the criteria i needed for medals i did like getting punched by a banana, but it didnt even say i got the medal at that point

please fix this

then will play the game again as i think it is a really great game

... holy crap

i cant say it in words
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this game is one many ppl will be playing for a longggggg time


The first time I received a shoyuken from a banana I stopped to give this game a 10*5!

Also though.. I repeatedly get the Gold Star medal anytime anything happens

awesome concept

I love these kind of games. They are simple, yet addicting and entertaining. Great animation/art and especialy gameplay. My best so far is 7k feet