Reviews for "Toss the Turtle"


Me likey likey ^^
And I like it even better now you fixes the bugs and medals. Great game. Keep them comming mate :)


Great Game!!!


One of the best games I've ever played on NG. Very addicting and Very fun!
My farthest launch was 3012855.1 ft. Woot! =P


I've got all the medals!! Yay^_^
A little hint: if you want the the turtle fly further, there are two things you need to pay attention!
1. best shooting angle: 30-45 degrees
2. keep your turtle off the ground as far as possible by using rockets, guns..or even nuclear bombs.

Nice and cute graphics, smooth gameplay.... it's just an epic.


I'm still playing it and have almost got all the medals. i belive this is the first game i have plaayed this long on newgrounds. good job. music fit great and sound effects were also good.

the only thing i wasnt so sure about was when it felt like i was going a billion miles an hour soaring through the air. alot of the times it looked like i hit a few items/bonuses but didnt get credit for them. not sure if it missed or is due to going to fast or a lottery.

Overall 10 game is amazing