Reviews for "Toss the Turtle"

Awesome game

Played this game for much longer than I expected to, once I started I felt compelled to continue. Love the art, the characters, and the agony portrayed on that poor turtles face. One of my favorites for sure.

Great but....

This game is awesome, but why has it been on the frontpage for so ridiculously long? I mean, it deserves to be frontpaged, yes, but it's been up for a really, really long time...
Either way, awesome game, added a lot to the classic "Throw stuff" genre.

veeeery addictive

top notch game :D. decided to stop now though as i got my top score of 5,167,543! i have a feeling i could go on flying forever though until either my eyes or my computer exploded. still need to hit that damn ufo though :@

awsome game

the game was a hit! thank for puting dad in the game he save my life. and so did the giant bomb. and i hope you keep this up

Dang is there no end

3,471,453 ft
$739258 earned