Reviews for "Megatron (HOC) Version"

fuckin cool!

fuckin cool!

only thing.. why has he killed so few autobots?
IVE killed 13 autobots.
seriously though...so damn badass.

MindChamber responds:

lol, in G1, thats technically all of them on earth :-p


holy freakin bejsus! megatron looks awesome!! xD


something like a poster, really awesome. looks like the real thing. Good Job! : D

Very neat

do you prefer this megatron over the new type? i kinda like the old one...

oh and i noticed that little reflection of his head over in that mirror

Love this pic

I like how you gave hime the old school look but took a bit from the movie Megatron and put him on fucken steroids awesome job.