Reviews for "Megatron (HOC) Version"

Peice through tyranny


This is probably the best Megatron picture I've ever seen. I'm not a fan of the series (although I know as much about it as most popular franchises) but this is great to look at. I just love how there is such a fantastic amount of detail and style put into this masterpiece. Every single part of this picture has something screaming out in detail. It looks like his thorax is showing off his ribs, if that's possible for a robot to have. It makes me realize how much art this series has inspired.

I even love how the background and all of the objects around are very well detailed. It gives off the good sense of being in a strange world that's under attack. I love the lengthy description. It truly shows that you are able to tell a story even if it's just one picture. Everything about this is awesome and I love emphasis on machinery. According to the stratches, he's killed about fifteen autobots.


I like the leg design. All's good.

Wow! :O

VERY impressive! :D
This is probably the coolest model I've ever seen Megatron in. Well done!


Megatron and his Fucking god damn Cannon !
Damn... so cool...
love his Mirror.... Great